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Mississippi-Missouri Aisha

born: 15.09.2016

father: Goldcoast´s Jeffrey At Mississippi Missouri ( Pouch Cove´s Head Of State, Mississippi-Missouri Geamidnightlady)

mother: Mississippi-Missouri Lennie (Mississippi-Missouri Different B&W, Mississippi-Missouri First Lady)

Hips A/A, ED A/A, cystinuria free heart clear








Pedigree / Rodokmen: Mississippi-Missouri Aisha

Goldcoast's Jeffrey at Mississippi-Missouri Pouch Cove's Head of State Darbydale's All Rise Pouchcove Midnight Lady's Especially For You
Darbydale's Shake'm Up
Pouch Cove Casts Its Vote Pouch Cove's Candidate
Pouch Cove's Antares Arbitrage
Mississippi-Missouri Geamidnightlady Midnight Lady's My Heart Goes Boom Jubilee You're The Top
Midnight Lady's Handpainted
Ciara Missisipi Misouri Faundland Ignacious The Lifeguard
Us Mississippi Missouri Faundland
Mississippi-Missouri Lennie Mississippi-Missouri Different B&W Lifeguard's Chief Moonfleet's Winterhawk Of Padell
Springhaven Lifeguard Bella
Mississippi-Missouri Cessie Midnight Lady's His Master's Voice
Seabrook Fly To Midnightlady
Mississippi-Missouri First Lady Island's Prince Lionheart of Midnight Lady Midnight Lady's My Heart Goes Boom
Ursinus Velutus Paloma Bianca
Us Mississippi Missouri Faundland Amadeus Rock Me Midnightlady
Midnight Lady's Koh-I-Noor





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