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If there are no dogs in paradise, then after death I want to go where they went.

Cooper Mississippi Missouri Faundland

narodený /Born: 23.8.2005

 Father: CH Ignacious The Lifeguard  (Ignacious)

Mother: Us Mississippi Missouri "Faundland"

vyšetrenia /health: Cystinuria normal, RTG 1/0, DLK negativ




Pedigree / Rodokmen: Cooper Mississippi Missouri Faundland

gnacious The Lifeguard 
Pouch Cove's Britannia Rico Kilyka's Amen Amen John's Big Ben of Pouch Cove
Kilyka's Sibyl
Britannia's Berry Of Pouch Cove Shadybrook's Late Arrival
Mooncusser's Sail of Pouch Cove
Midnight Lady's I'm Not That Kind Midnight Lady's Ghost Buster Owasco Zerohour3am
Mount Cook Nugget Nini Of Midnight Lady
Midnight Lady's Flash Dance Seabrook's Headmaster Tabu
Midnight Lady's Diorissimo
Us Mississippi Missouri Faundland Amadeus Rock Me Midnightlady Midnight Lady's Express Yourself Twillin Gate Quomandor
Midnight Lady's Diorissimo
Seabrook Amadeus Michaela Tabu Barharber's Just West of East
Tabu's Bellefleur Seabrook
Midnight Lady's Koh-I-Noor Twillin Gate Shakakhan Jubilee You're The Top
Joringel Christmas Carol
Midnight Lady's Handsup Baby'Sue Midnight Lady's Great Expectation
Mount Cook Nugget Nini Of Midnight Lady

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