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Zara - Mississippi-Missouri & Faundland Kennels

our females

Mississippi-Missouri Zara

born 29.04.2016

father: Charming Prince of Gentle Blackgiant (Ursinus Velutus Never Ending Story / Agift Of Heaven of Gentle Blackgiant)

mother: Mississippi-Missouri OF MY HEART (Seabrook´s Best Man at Pouch Cove / Midnight Lady´s Best By Mississippimissouri )

HD 0/0, ED A/A, heart clear cystinuria free









Pedigree / Rodokmen: Mississippi-Missouri Zara

Charming Prince of Gentle Blackgiant Ursinus Velutus Never Ending Story Poison or Honey King of Helluland Midnight Lady's Especially For You
Milky Way King of Helluland
Island's Prince Flydove To Ursinus Velutus Midnight Lady's My Heart Goes Boom
Ursinus Velutus Paloma Bianca
Agift of Heaven of Gentle Blackgiant Ursinus Velutus Just In Time Ursinus Velutus El Fuego En Soul
Ursinus Velutus Claire Danes
Island's Prince Ebony Eyes Seabrook's The Graduate
Island's Prince Bianca By Ursinus Velutus
Mississippi-Missouri Of My Heart Seabrook's Best Man at Pouch Cove Sun Valley's Petitions Pouch Cove Pouch Cove's Head of State
Sun Valley's Something About Sophie
Seabrook's Simple Dreams Pouch Cove's Keynote Speaker
Seabrook's Street of Dreams
Midnight Lady's Best By Mississippimissouri Midnight Lady's Walks Like A Man Midnight Lady's My Heart Goes Boom
Midnight Lady's Inspiration
Mississippi-Missouri El-Midnightlady Ursinus Velutus Vaya Con Dios
Us Mississippi Missouri Faundland





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